“Alarmist Talk Will Not Kill Binance”, It Will Only Make More People Stand With Binance

Yi He, a former TV star and co-founder of Binance, used social media late on Saturday to refute critics of the exchange who were spreading messages of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).
Alarmist Talk Will Not Kill Binance, It Will Only Make More People Stand With Binance

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance‘s co-founder Yi He used social media over the weekend to defend the business in the wake of a recent scandal.

She provided data on Saturday night on X that showed Binance leading exchanges in terms of assets and trading volume. She cited the tweet, advising the cryptocurrency community to “do your own research” and labeling as “jokers” anyone who sow doubt about Binance.

Her remarks follow a tumultuous few weeks for Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s partner co-founder. Zhao has resigned from both the board of Binance’s US branch and his position as CEO of Binance.

This comes after Binance and Zhao admitted guilt to money laundering charges in the United States and agreed to pay fines totaling about $175 million.

Yi Although her precise involvement has been unclear, he has been connected with Binance from its creation. In 2022, she claimed not to handle customer service operations, leading some customers to become confused when she referred to herself as a “Chief Customer Service Officer.”
Furthermore, not much is known about her private life with Zhao. But a 2022 Reuters report disclosed that they are romantically involved and have two children together—information Zhao requested the media to withhold.

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