Bitmain’s Latest Air-Cooled Miner Antminer T21 Set for Shipping in January 2024

Bitmain unveils Antminer T21, an air-cooled Bitcoin miner for high temps, supporting the SHA256 algorithm, with a power of 190 TH/s.

Bitmain, a renowned Bitcoin ASIC manufacturer, has released the Antminer T21, an air-cooled Bitcoin miner optimized for high-temperature conditions.

The miner can work in temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius. It was unveiled at the Dubai Blockchain Life 2023 Forum and will begin shipping in January 2024.

The Antminer T21 mines Bitcoin and its forks using the SHA256 algorithm, with a computing capability of 190 terahashes per second and an energy efficiency ratio of 19 joules per terahash.

Bitmain also provides a price protection plan for Antminer T21 purchasers to protect against falling cryptocurrency values, which is valid until November 25, 2023. If the Bitcoin price falls below a specified threshold during the covered period, customers will receive immediate cash reimbursement.

Other ASIC makers, including as Canaan, which recently unveiled new mining rigs, compete with Bitmain. Despite new product launches, the ASIC business has faced challenges, with the price per terahash falling by more than 80% since its high in 2021.

Blockstream, a blockchain technology business, is looking to fund $50 million to buy and store mining equipment in anticipation for the 2024 Bitcoin halving.

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