BlackRock Takes Legal Action Against 44 Imitative Domains

BlackRock sues domain owners for alleged cybersquatting & trademark infringement, seeks damages & court orders to stop deceptive practices.

On October 10, the owners of 44 internet domain names were named in a lawsuit by the significant investment company BlackRock in a U.S. court. Some of the words used in these domain names are “Blackrock,” “Aladdin,” “capital,” “crypto,” and “investments.”

According to BlackRock, these domain names were registered to deceive users and profit from their confusion. The domain owners are said to have employed pay-per-click advertisements, malware distribution, and email phishing campaigns to divert website visitors for financial benefit.

The legal team for BlackRock, represented by Wiley Rein LLP, cited research indicating that more than 95% of the 500 most visited websites on the Internet have been the target of a practice known as “typosquatting.” This indicates that domains are registered with names that seem similar to those of reliable websites yet contain typos. By purposely registering domain names that are confusing to consumers and are similar to BlackRock’s, these domain owners are allegedly breaking the Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

With some domain names connected to cryptocurrencies, BlackRock ran into problems. For instance, “” was a website that offered web design services, while “” failed to load.

Nevertheless, a large number of the other tested domains either did not open or appeared to be instances of cybersquatting, in which people or organizations register domain names in bad faith. BlackRock attempted to identify the domain owners by using the Whois database’s publicly available domain registration data.

The business is currently pursuing legal action to take possession of these troublesome domains, demanding compensation and obtaining court orders to stop the defendants from continuing to infringe on its brands, including BLACKROCK, ALADDIN, and BLK.

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