Crypto Community Reacts to U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters’ ‘Bitcom’ Blunder

Maxine Waters becomes a target of crypto community humor after referring to “Bitcom” instead of Bitcoin in a speech.

Maxine Waters, a US Representative, has been under fire from the cryptocurrency world for calling Bitcoin during one speech “Bitcom,” which is a serious mistake.

The cryptocurrency community on Twitter uploaded the video of Waters saying, “Thank you very much their number of questions that I would like to ask, but since we started out on “Bitcom,” let’s go further into crypto,” which was in reference to the cryptocurrency market.

Prior to Patrick McHenry, Maxine Waters oversaw the House Financial Services Committee. Waters also attacked the Republican-sponsored bill for permitting state-issued stablecoins like PYUSD but disallowing the Federal Reserve from exercising control over them.

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