El Salvador’s pro-Bitcoin President Nayib Bukele Has Filed for Re-Election

El Salvador’s ruling party, Neuva Ideas nominated Nayib Bukele as presidential candidate for the upcoming election in February 2024.

El Salvador’s pro-Bitcoin president, Nayib Bukele, has filed for re-election in the forthcoming presidential election.

On October 26, El Salvador’s ruling party, Neuva Ideas, officially nominated Bukele as their presidential candidate. This decision was warmly received by the populace ahead of the February 2024 election.

“Today is a good day to remember that the Constitution prohibits immediate presidential re-election up to seven times,” Bukele remarked in an address to thousands of citizens.

As his five-year presidency comes to an end, Bukele says, “Five more, five more, and not one step back,” and that “we need five years to continue improving our county.”

Bukele was elected president of El Salvador in 2019 after Neuva Ideas, the country’s most popular political party, took control.

El Salvador rose to prominence as a result of President Bukele’s efforts to make the country Bitcoin-friendly. In September 2021, it became the world’s first country to declare Bitcoin legal tender. Bukele has also been gradually purchasing Bitcoin over the last few years.

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