Ellison Claims SBF Was Manipulating Bitcoin Price to Stay Under $20,000

Caroline’s testimony uncovers a conspiracy of manipulating Bitcoin’s market and keep its price below $20,000.
Caroline Ellison

A stunning allegation regarding Bitcoin’s price manipulation has surfaced during the ongoing trial, according to Caroline Ellison’s testimony.

Keep selling BTC if it’s over $20k, according to a note that Caroline wrote in a document that was provided to the court. The note probably relates to lowering the exchange’s BTC pricing.

Caroline testified that SBF aggressively tried to sell BTC to keep its price below the $20,000 threshold, which might have a huge impact on the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

Following the announcement, there were many inquiries from the cryptocurrency community regarding the manipulation of the Bitcoin price. That being the case, why would the founder of FTX wish to maintain BTC below $20k? Is he under the sway of someone?

The greatest cryptocurrency at the time had a market cap of several hundred billion dollars, but FTX’s dominance was insufficient to dominate it at that time.

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