Ether Could Hit $4,000 in May as ETF Approval Looms

Ethereum price predicted to hit $4,000 by May on potential ETF approval, but experts differ on certainty of SEC decision.

In light of the introduction of ETFs for the altcoin, Standard Chartered predicts that Ethereum will perform strongly over the next three months and reach $4000 by May. However, not everyone takes delight in this optimism.

Lawyers advise against making the strong presumption that all will go according to plan, nevertheless, as there is no guarantee of success and one may have to deal with hostile regulatory relations.

Bloomberg Intelligence estimates that the likelihood of approval is over 70%, whilst JPMorgan places the probability at 50%.

This is the approximate level of the project’s market presence. The current price of Ethereum is reportedly $2,372. However, as indicated by the score of 54, which represents a comparatively neutral Fear and Greed Index, market mood is still on the safe side.

The SEC’s ruling in this case, which is presently before us, is what will cause everyone to sit up and take notice since it might potentially impact Ethereum’s value if the wrong decision is made.

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