Ethereum ACDE 171 Revolutionizes Crypto with Holesky’s Launch and Major Updates To The Network

In a latest community call, Ethereum developers have introduced private ETH transaction proposal, Dencum’s devnet launch, EIP-4788 audits and more.

The 171st Ethereum ACDE has brought major updates to the network including the Dencun’s devnet upgrade, private ETH transactions and EIP-4788 audits.

On September 28, core Ethereum developers and other members took part in a live streamed event called ACDE (All Core Developers Execution) 171. It was hosted by the Ethereum Foundation.

The introduction of Dencun Devnet 9, which is anticipated for September 29, was the first topic covered on the community call. For testing and finalizing its upcoming debut on the mainnet, it also includes the specs for the Dencun upgrade.

The core developer and host, Tim Beiko, stated that blob transactions, which will be made available with the Dencun upgrade, are now the focus of Ethereum clients. The conversation also mentioned the restart of the Holesky testnet, which had earlier failed on September 16 in its initial try.

The hiring of three auditors, Chain Security, Dedaub, and Trail of Bits, to audit EIP-4788 was also stated by the developers. They have verified that there were no issues in the initial evaluation that had remedies.

The launch of EIP-7503, which allows for private ETH transactions on the network, was the main focus. Users will transmit Ethereum to an unspendable address and re-mine it to a different address, according to the proposal’s creators’ briefing.

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EIP-7503 – Zero Knowledge Wormholes

EIP-7503 minimizes privacy leakage “by requiring zero smart-contract interactions in order to send money, so we only use plain EOA-to-EOA transfers,” according to the proposal’s authors, even though Tornado Cash users are recognized while dealing with its contract.

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