Ethereum Hits $10B Revenue : Faster Than Facebook AND Microsoft

Ethereum has hit the historical revenue mark of $10B in 7 years, which makes it faster to do so than several tech giant companies.
Ethereum Hits $10B Revenue Faster Than Facebook & Microsoft

Since its introduction in July 2015, Ethereum, the second-largest blockchain, has generated $10 billion in total income.

A research by Caleb & Brown claims that Ethereum reached this milestone in just seven years, beating out other major behemoths like Facebook (Meta), which required more than 7.5 years, and Microsoft, which required 19 years.

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Ethereum reaches $10B in revenue – Caleb & Brown

The gas costs that users pay to complete transactions on the network are how Ethereum generates its income. Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transfers, the production of NFTs, and other on-chain activities are all included.

According to the blockchain explorer Etherscan, Ethereum has handled more than 2.1 billion transactions. It has maintained its position as the second largest blockchain over the years and currently has a market worth of $191 billion, making it the second largest in the cryptocurrency sector after Bitcoin.

Ethereum has the most TVL in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, which is presently valued at close to $48 billion, according to data from DeFiLlama. In November 2023, at the height of the cryptocurrency boom, it reached a high value of $153 billion.

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