Exceeds $50M TVL, Revenue Hits 10,000 ETH

The fastest growing DeSo protocol has reached over $50 million in TVL and $17 million in revenue since its launch on August 10.

A $50 million total value locked (TVL) milestone has been surpassed by the well-known decentralized social platform, and its revenue has surpassed 10,000 ETH.

The DeSo protocol currently has a TVL of $52 million, rising steadily since its introduction, according to data from DeFiLlama. Since its August 10 launch, has received $1 million in fees.

According to data from a Dune dashboard, has also reported total earnings of over 10,727 Ether (ETH), or almost $17.6 million. Additionally, the dashboard shows that the protocol is almost at 10 million transactions.

pasted image 0 h3 Dashboard – Dune Analytics

Since its inception, has been moving forward riskily, experiencing a database vulnerability, receiving criticism from the public because of a founder’s note, and achieving $20 million in TVL shortly after being declared dead.

A number of clones, such Friendzy on Solana and Alpha on Bitcoin, have also been established on several chains in response to the popularity of the revolutionary decentralized social application from

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