Gucci Cosmos Highlights Fashion Brand’s Legacy Through Eye-Catching Technology

Gucci Cosmos, a fusion of iconic fashion, technology, and art in a mind-bending exhibit, featuring projection mapping and immersive experiences.
Gucci Cosmos Highlights Fashion Brand's Legacy Through Eye-Catching Technology

Gucci Cosmos is an artistic project that pays homage to Gucci’s iconic designs and aims to elicit strong emotional reactions by combining traditional visual illusions that amazed people during Gucci’s early days with modern technology that evokes a sense of wonder in today’s tech-savvy generation.

The digital collection includes a variety of fashion designs, including Ford’s 1996 red velvet ensemble, which was unique in that it could be worn by both men and women.

The Gucci Cosmos display begins with a recreation of an elevator ride. Visitors have the illusion of moving up the seven levels of the Savoy Hotel thanks to video screens and mirrors that give the appearance of mobility. The event also includes a story-telling soundtrack.

It also features a check outfit made by Giannini and floral apparel designed by Michele that may be worn by everyone. One of these flower designs was included in his 2022 “Twinsburg” fashion show, which was inspired by the concept of “Two” and featured 68 identical twins as models.

Devlin outlined how they created this experience with the help of a digital technology company called Disguise, utilizing a technique called projection mapping. First, they created comprehensive 3D scans of the fashion figures using Lidar scanning.

They then used Rhino software to form and mold these digital prototypes. The drawings were then translated into tangible clothing, which was scanned and projected back onto the figures for the final presentation.

In the Cosmos exhibit, the engaging “Zoetrope” experience offers a circular chamber with screens continuously broadcasting a film of a horse running, accompanied by the sound of hooves and a rhythmic narration.

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