Is Blckrock good for crypto? What Peter McCormack Says in Podcast

Peter McCormack on the potential impact of a BlackRock ETF on Bitcoin, centralization concerns, and the future of cryptocurrency in a recent interview.
Is Blckrock good for crypto What Peter McCormack Says in Podcast

In a recent interview, Peter McCormack, a notable crypto podcaster and advocate, expressed his concerns about the potential implications of a BlackRock ETF on Bitcoin, stating that “BlackRock is bad for Bitcoin.”

McCormack’s argument is that, while an ETF like this could positively affect Bitcoin’s price, it could also consolidate a considerable quantity of Bitcoin under a single custodian. He sees cryptocurrency centralization as a harmful development.

McCormack also discussed the forthcoming Bitcoin halving throughout the conversation. He emphasized the significance of teaching people about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in order to create greater knowledge and adoption.

McCormack went on to explore the possible influence of regulators such as Elizabeth Warren on the cryptocurrency business, recognizing the importance of the regulatory landscape in molding its future.

Regarding Bitcoin‘s future, McCormack believes that 2024 will be a good year for the cryptocurrency. However, he believes that 2025 will be even more significant in the cryptocurrency’s life cycle.

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