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Who would have imagined that digital art would emerge as the next big thing, with prices skyrocketing? You should stay up to date on the latest NFT news while everyone is still trying to figure out why celebrities, business tycoons, multinational corporations, and practically every industry are intrigued with the NFT concept.

Let’s list a handful of the well-known ones that are now making headlines in NFT news. We could continue to discuss Adidas, Nike, McDonald’s, Disney, Marvel, Twitter, Fox Entertainment, Rolling Stone, Snoop Dogg, Shawn Mendes, Eminem, Elon Musk, Johnny Depp, and a host of other companies.

Well, the NFT industry is wild, with new projects and artists making waves with their digital artwork and new adventures. Even the sports industry is barely keeping calm with NFT releases such as tournament tickets and iconic match highlights.

If all the information is spinning in your head in all directions while you span the past two years trying to mug up all that has happened, your search ends here! Read the NFT news and trends, and join the buzz of all the NFT fanatics and newbies.