OPNX Token Spikes 50% After Su Zhu Unexpected Posts A “gm” on Twitter

While Su Zhu was sentenced to 4 months in prison, the unexpected post from his Twitter causes OPNX token to spike 50% within minutes.
Opnx Token Spikes 50% After Su Zhu Unexpected Posts A “gm” on Twitter

The sudden “gm” message from Su Zhu, who is “reportedly imprisoned,” caused OPNX’s token to rise by about 50% in a matter of minutes. In the crypto world, “gm” is a commonly used slang term that means “good morning” or “We are going to make it.”

The tweet came as a surprise because Zhu was detained on September 29 while attempting to leave Singapore at an airport. He was given a four-month prison sentence for defying a court order to assist with the 3AC collapse investigation.

However, the latest post from Zhu’s twitter account suggests that he is probably out of prison. The possibility also could happen to be true as a wallet address named suzhu.eth, rumored belonging to Zhu, was recently seen active with some transactions taking place on November 29.

According to Coinmarketcap data, the native token of Open Exchange, which Zhu Su co-founded, OX, increased to $0.0214 from $0.014 following the tweet.

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OPNX Token (OX) Price – Coinmarketcap 

Zhu Su and Kyle Davies, the members of 3AC, formed Open Exchange (OPNX) to trade creditor claims of insolvent cryptocurrency companies. Following the collapse of their hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) in June 2022, the two founded OPNX.

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