Paris Blockchain Summit is Back on November 25, 2023

The upcoming PBS IV event will be larger than ever, reflecting the fast expansion of the blockchain industry, with about 1200 professionals anticipated to attend.

The fourth Paris Blockchain Summit, an annual gathering of corporations, organizations, and global leaders in the blockchain sector, will take place on November 25, 2023.

This cryptocurrency event provides a sophisticated and professional venue for critical debates and exchanges among institutions, businesses, investors, specialized media, and industry leaders.

This Parisian business-to-business event invites professionals to gather under a crystal dome at the Etoile Business Center in its fourth edition, slated for November 25, 2023. The goal is to talk about current industry developments and prospective cooperation.

The forthcoming PBS IV event is set to be greater than ever, highlighting the blockchain industry’s tremendous expansion. Around 1200 people will attend, including representatives from 300 different companies, organizations, and investment firms.

The goal is to share expertise and make critical business relationships that will influence the Blockchain and Web3 sectors.

Various themes will be covered at the event, including the economics, laws, digital Euro, cybersecurity, certification, digital money, artificial intelligence, sports, digital identity, and real-world experiences. Attendees may look forward to interesting conferences, keynote lectures, hands-on workshops, and expert-led debates.

Signum Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Wirex, Melanion Capital, IZNES, Veritise, Deepsquare, SGSS, Utopian Capital, INRIA, Tozex, True Global Ventures, Dr Data, Omniscia, Crypto4all, and the French Blockchain Federation, among others, will participate.

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