PEPE is now the second most traded cryptocurrency. Here are five cryptocurrencies that could follow.

PEPE is now the second most traded cryptocurrency. Here are five cryptocurrencies that could follow.
PEPE is now the second most traded cryptocurrency. Here are five cryptocurrencies that could follow.

Despite impressive results in the first quarter of 2023, the global cryptocurrency market is not yet out of the woods. Many problems exist for the business, ranging from global economic concerns to regulatory action. Analysts, on the other hand, are fairly enthusiastic about the industry’s prospects, believing that options such as InQubeta, DigiToad, and Pepe are solid ventures that may help crypto users maximize their earnings.

Pepe is a popular meme token that has just surpassed Bitcoin as the second most traded cryptocurrency in international markets. InQubeta, an Ethereum-powered platform that enables companies working in the field of artificial intelligence to receive seed financing and launch creative initiatives, is rapidly gaining popularity and on a similar trajectory. This new ICO has gotten a lot of attention because of its cutting-edge model, which is jam-packed with features. The reasons for InQubeta’s success are various, the most important of which is its ability to catalyze a shift in the DeFi ecosystem. The strategy has the dual benefit of boosting AI entrepreneurship while also allowing inventors to use DeFi tools to secure startup financing for their initiatives.

In addition to InQubeta, the following four cryptocurrencies have the potential to break multiple crypto records in the near future and push crypto portfolios to the next level.

Despite posting strong results in the first quarter of 2023, the global cryptocurrency market isn’t out of trouble yet. From global economic factors to regulatory action, many challenges remain for the industry. Having said that, analysts are quite optimistic about the industry’s prospects and feel options like InQubeta, DigiToad, and Pepe are dependable projects that can help crypto users maximize their returns. 

Pepe is a leading meme token that recently became the second most traded crypto in international markets. Rapidly gaining popularity and on a similar trajectory is InQubeta, an Ethereum-powered platform that enables startups working in the field of artificial intelligence to raise seed capital and build innovative projects. This recent ico has been getting attention thanks to its state-of-the-art model that’s packed with features. The reasons behind InQubeta’s popularity are numerous, chief among them being its capacity to fuel a transformation in the DeFi ecosystem. The model offers a twin advantage of encouraging entrepreneurship in the field of AI while enabling innovators to use DeFi tools to raise seed capital for their projects. 

The following list features four other cryptocurrencies, in addition to InQubeta, that have the potential to smash several crypto records in the near future and take crypto portfolios to the next level.

1. InQubeta: Empowering AI startups with DeFi tools

InQubeta is a next-generation platform that aims to alleviate the startup ecosystem’s shortage of fundraising alternatives. Lack of funding frequently prevents entrepreneurs from moving forward with ventures that can create progress not only for individuals but for society as a whole. With its futuristic approach and decentralized network, InQubeta enables startup founders to score financing in a transparent and secure manner. It also allows investors to put their money to work driving innovation and having a global impact.

The platform converts projects into NFTs that investors may acquire. Startups use the money from the sale to fund their operations. The platform has launched a native token called QUBE, which serves as the network’s primary cryptocurrency. The company has made the token available for presale to those who are interested. The success of the Bitcoin ICO’s presale has made headlines.

InQubeta promises a lucrative possibility, allowing it to emerge as a trailblazer – a rare feat for emerging cryptocurrencies. The platform offers investors a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity, with the option of investing in the full project or a portion of it. The project is fractionalized under the second option, and investors can invest in whatever way that fits their budget. Simultaneously, individuals benefit from being an early bird and can reap the benefits of discovering an opportunity at the proper time. Through its permissionless network, InQubeta’s NFT marketplace connects AI startups and investors, creating an ecosystem that benefits both parties.

Because of its multi-functional framework, the QUBE token is one of the greatest cryptos for novices. Because the coin is a deflationary crypto token, its supply is purposely kept lower than its market demand. By organizing regular ‘token burn’ events, the supply is kept scarce. The InQubeta team assures that there are no price swings and that token holders do not lose their returns due to market volatility by having a limited supply. Because QUBE is also the platform’s governance token, token holders have the ability to participate in decision-making. They also gain voting rights to vote on proposals proposed by other members of the community and can propose proposals themselves.

When a token holder sells the QUBE token, the platform assesses a 5% tax. The tax proceeds are allocated to various use cases, such as sustaining the rewards and liquidity pool and funding marketing initiatives. To maintain the platform’s token supply from exceeding a certain threshold, a percentage of the tokens collected as tax profits are destroyed.

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2. DigiToads: Could become the top crypto coin in 2023

DigiToads is a wonderful cryptocurrency for beginners since it mixes diversity with usefulness, allowing users to explore the network and its features at their leisure. DigiToads is unique in that its economic structure was created by combining three cryptocurrency models: a meme coin, a stake-to-earn gateway, and a play-to-earn game. As a result, users can explore a variety of activities on the site, such as staking NFTs, trading assets, playing Web 3.0 games, competing in trading competitions, and participating in giveaways. TOADS, the platform’s native token, is the network’s medium of exchange and is used for transactional reasons.

The easiness with which one can earn huge crypto rewards with DigiToads’ Web 3.0 game makes it a fantastic crypto to acquire. As part of the game, players must battle their opponents in a virtual swamp to earn the greatest score at the conclusion of the season. They can request assistance from DigiToads, digital animals known for their tremendous power and particular abilities. You can also buy training gear, food, and potions for these beasts. While all of these in-game items are purchased with TOADS tokens, a part of the tokens gathered as sale revenue is used to keep the prize pool afloat. TOADS Tokens are awarded to players who make it to the end of the season.

3. LimeWire: Providing better opportunities for content creators

The fact that LMWR has numerous use cases makes it the perfect cryptocurrency for novices. It serves as a payment mechanism as well as a reward and governance token within the LimeWire ecosystem. LimeWire is a content-sharing platform that enables artists to directly access their fans without the use of middlemen or third-party suppliers. Because it is built on blockchain technology and does not censor material, content creators can earn a larger percentage of royalties and gain more freedom. Subscribers will be able to pay with the LMWR token and tip their favorite creators. Furthermore, those who pay using the LMWR token will receive substantial discounts. Content creators will also have more control over how their posts are shared with their community.

LimeWire has been reintroduced as a community site where creators may communicate with their followers directly. It was built on the Algorand blockchain network, but it will eventually be interoperable with other networks. Users will also be rewarded with NFTs for unlocking material, but creators will retain ownership of their original posts. The LimeWire platform will also contain a pay-per-view approach to ensure that everyone, not only permanent subscribers, has access. Content providers will be able to earn lifetime income for their efforts. The LMWR cryptocurrency has great utilities and is backed by an intriguing revenue plan, which could lead to a massive surge in the future. LimeWire has an early mover advantage since such decentralized content-sharing communities are needed.

4. Polygon: Ramping up the power of Ethereum-based dApps

Polygon is a prominent cryptocurrency to invest in because of its popularity as a scaling solution for Ethereum-compatible dApps and other decentralized infrastructures. Its native token MATIC serves as the network’s medium of exchange and allows a variety of transactional functions. The Layer 2 blockchain is notable for its emphasis on problem solving while scaling dApps and opening the road for quick blockchain transactions. It has quickly become one of the Ethereum network’s most popular scaling options.

The network employs a customized version of the Plasma framework, allowing Polygon-powered sidechains to complete more than 65,000 transactions each block. The Plasma framework is constructed with proof-of-stake checkpoints that can be deployed on the Ethereum mainnet with ease. Polygon sidechains are meant to accommodate a wide range of decentralized finance protocols that are compatible with Ethereum while keeping economic viability in mind. The platform intends to add more base chains in the future to promote interoperability.

5. Polkadot: Driving impact with parachains

A network of specialized blockchains known as parachains is connected through the multichain blockchain protocol polkadot. The parachain network not only allows for seamless data and asset movement but is also interoperable. Its native token, called DOT, is used to fulfill all kind of network-wide transactional responsibilities. As a metaprotocol, the platform’s on-chain governance system enables autonomous code updates without the need for forks. The community of token holders must, however, agree to the proposed changes to the codebase.

Developers may expect to develop simple, secure, and highly scalable dApps using Polkadot. They can connect oracles, private and public blockchains, permissionless networks, and future-proof technology by utilizing the Polkadot protocol. One can stake assets and maintain network security using the DOT token.


Crypto consumers can choose from the aforementioned names as dependable alternatives to ride out market volatility while maximizing their benefits. These cryptocurrency projects have successfully struck a balance between utility and adaptability, making them the top crypto coins of 2023. They also offer user-friendly interfaces, making them the perfect initiatives for anyone looking to invest in a novice cryptocurrency.

Analysts would pick InQubeta, though, if you want crypto alternatives for long-term gains, since many of them believe it has an advantage due to its distinctive strategy. InQuebta empowers its users to create a reliable source of income by providing a variety of passive income choices. Analysts are highly positive about the QUBE token’s future success. Once the QUBE coin is published on well-known exchanges, they even anticipate it to perhaps cross the 30x mark in the upcoming months.

Visit their respective websites to learn more about these tokens and conduct your own research. Pre-sale opportunities exist for some of the cryptocurrencies mentioned above, including InQubeta and DigiToads. This is an excellent time to buy large quantities of these tokens in anticipation of future significant profits.

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