Polygon Labs and WMG Launch Web3 Music Accelerator to push music industry Web3 evolution

Warner Music Group and Polygon Labs collaborate on a Web3 Music Accelerator to promote musical creativity and audience interaction.

Warner Music Group (WMG), which recently unveiled its Web3 Music Accelerator initiative, has welcomed Polygon Labs as a member. The initiative seeks to foster innovation at the nexus of music and Web3.

Through the fan interaction platform MITH, artists can gain access to data-driven insights and retain ownership of their first-party fan data. The Muus Collective creates digital collectibles, entertainment, and mobile games with a fashion focus.

Polygon and WMG provide networking opportunities, advice, endorsements, and marketing help to the honorees. Based on standards like decentralized systems and participatory fan experiences, they were selected from a pool of more than 120 candidates.

Brian Trunzo, chief of business development at Polygon Labs, claims that the initiatives demonstrate how Web3 is approaching widespread usage. Meaningful artist-fan relationships are essential to WMG’s Web3 purpose, according to Jilian Rothman of WMG.

This accelerator expands upon WMG’s current Web3 initiatives. It collaborated on a Web3 music platform with Polygon and LGND in December 2022. It works with Mastercard on a comparable accelerator program as well.

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