Ripple’s Legal Executive predicts crypto landscape shifts in 2024

According to Ripple’s head of legal, the SEC case, the judiciary’s involvement in cryptocurrency, and the regulatory impasse in the US will all be resolved by 2024 and have an effect on the future of the sector.

Stuart Alderoty, the Chief Legal Officer of Ripple, has shared outlooks for the cryptocurrency market in 2024.

He talked about expectations for Ripple’s legal dispute with the SEC, the influence of the courts on cryptocurrency laws, and prospective legislative initiatives in the US Congress.

Forecasts for 2024 — Every year at this time, we ask the leaders at Ripple to share their predictions for 2024. 🔮

We begin with three audacious projections for policy and U.S. cryptocurrency legislation for 2024 from our Chief Legal Officer, @s_alderoty.

— December 15, 2023, Ripple (@Ripple)

In 2024, Alderoty expects Ripple’s lawsuit against the SEC will be resolved. He voiced worries on the SEC’s enforcement strategy, highlighting the possible adverse consequences for the cryptocurrency sector as a whole.

According to Alderoty, the judiciary will play a crucial role in stopping the SEC from taking disproportionate action, and he even suggests that persistent legal disputes may eventually reach the US Supreme Court.

In terms of rules, Alderoty anticipates that American legislators will see the necessity of crypto restrictions. But he sees a deadlock in the implementation process that will put US crypto companies at a competitive disadvantage in relation to nations with more transparent regulatory environments.

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