Star Wars Limited Edition ‘Digital Toy’ NFTs Land on Flow

Star Wars Limited Edition 'Digital Toy' NFTs
Star Wars Limited Edition ‘Digital Toy’ NFTs

Just in time for “Star Wars Day,” Cryptoys has revealed plans for 15 cartoonish recreations of franchise icons in NFTs.

NFT firm Cryptoys announced on Thursday the impending release of digital artifacts based on the enormously well-liked entertainment phenomenon just in time for May 4 (“May the ‘Fourth’ be with you”), the so-called annual “Star Wars Day.”

The Star Wars NFT collection, which debuts on May 24, is the most recent in Cryptoys’ line of pop culture “digital toys,” which also includes its earlier Masters of the Universe collections with Mattel. The Star Wars NFTs will cost $39.99, according to Cryptoys, just like prior collections.

The 15 limited edition “digital toys” of well-known Star Wars characters, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Darth Vader, will make up the Cryptoys Star Wars NFTs. The Flow blockchain, which also hosts collectibles marketplaces like NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day, is where the NFTs are created.

The NFTs will be offered in “Common,” “Rare,” “Legendary,” “Grail,” and “Ultra Grail” rarity levels in Star Wars-inspired digital “holocrons”—or data storage devices from the well-known sci-fi film genre. The NFTs are designed in five cartoonish, stylized skin styles. Each pack is a “blind box,” so until the buyer opens it, they won’t know which character they will receive.

“We’ve all been Star Wars fans since we were kids, which is why it’s an absolute dream come true to bring Star Wars collectible digital toys to the Cryptoys platform,” Will Weinraub, CEO and co-founder of Cryptoys’ parent company OnChain Studios, said in a statement.

NFTs are tokens built on the blockchain that represent ownership of tangible or digital assets. Game of Thrones, Godzilla vs. Kong, David Bowie, and the Eternal Collection by Anthony Hopkins are just a few examples of other popular culture NFT collections.

Additionally, this collection of Star Wars NFT collectibles is not the first. Digital collectibles site VeVe has launched a number of sets, including 3D digital models, digital posters, and comic book covers. VeVe contains NFTs from numerous Disney and Marvel franchises.

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