Swiss Crypto Bank SEBA Rebrands to AMINA, Seeks Global Expansion

AMINA Bank AG, formerly SEBA Bank, a Swiss-regulated crypto bank, blends traditional and digital finance for global clients.
Swiss Crypto Bank Seba Rebrands To AMINA, Seeks Global Expansion

The fully regulated Swiss cryptocurrency bank SEBA Bank AG has stated that it is now AMINA Bank AG. The bank serves customers worldwide by offering both traditional and cryptocurrency banking services via its offices in Zug, Abu Dhabi, and Hong Kong.

The word “transAMINAtion,” which denotes the transfer of one chemical to another, served as the idea for the name “AMINA.” AMINA is a company committed to innovation, fusing the worlds of traditional, digital, and cryptocurrency banking to provide customers with new opportunities and opportunities for growth. The way in which clients’ financial prospects have evolved is reflected in this vision.

As one of the first organizations under FINMA regulation to provide cryptocurrency banking services, SEBA Bank created a stir back in 2019. With over four years of operational expertise, the company’s rebranding represents a fresh start.

As a Swiss-regulated cryptocurrency bank serving both conventional and tech-savvy clients globally, AMINA Bank aims to continue SEBA Bank’s pioneering legacy.

Later on, in order to align with the Zug head office, the subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore, as well as the branch office in Abu Dhabi, will pursue a name change.

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