Tesla Bitcoin Wallets Bug Bounty Announced by Arkham Intel

The 10,000 BTC Tesla holds are hidden in its Bitcoin addresses, and Arkham Intel Exchange is offering a bug bounty to find them.
Tesla Bitcoin Wallets Bug Bounty Announced by Arkham Intel

Tesla bug bounty announced by Arkham Intel Exchange, and the company will pay any sleuths who can locate at least one of Tesla’s Bitcoin addresses. Although Tesla’s Bitcoin wallets were never found, their financial filings show that they now retain about 10,000 BTC.

By spending $1.5 billion for 40,000 Bitcoins in February 2021, Tesla made a huge purchase that cemented its position as one of the top publicly traded businesses with a sizeable Bitcoin holding. Tesla gave its American customers the option of paying with Bitcoin from March through May 2021. Tesla was also rumored to be running its own Bitcoin nodes, and Elon Musk claimed that the Bitcoin obtained from these purchases was not converted into fiat cash.

Tesla sold 75% of its Bitcoin assets in the second quarter of 2022 for $936 million, leaving the corporation with about 10,000 BTC. None of Tesla’s bitcoin wallets have been verified by anyone so far. This bounty of 1009.75 ARKM, which is due to expire in 15 days, has been offered by Arkham Intel as an incentive to find them.

Users must find one of Tesla’s Bitcoin wallet addresses in order to receive a prize.

Here are the submission guidelines:

    • Make sure the user’s contribution contains pertinent background information.
    • Users must correctly cite all of the sources.
    • Information that can be independently verified by the public is usable.
    • Explain your rationale, logical process, and conclusions in detail.
    • A 10 ARKM deposit is required from users, which will be returned if their submission is accepted.

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