Tether Appoints Paolo Ardoino as Stablecoin Firm’s New CEO

Paolo Ardoino takes the helm at Tether, ushering in a new era of crypto innovation and growth as CEO, while JL offers advisory support.
Tether Appoints CTO Paolo Ardoino as Stablecoin Firm’s New CEO

Tether, is welcoming Paolo Ardoino as its new CEO, starting in December 2023. 

Paolo Ardoino has been chosen by the firm to succeed JL van der Velde, who will continue to lead Bitfinex while serving as an advisor to Tether. Ardoino’s significant contributions to the cryptocurrency sector cannot be understated.

In 2014, Ardoino began using cryptocurrencies at Bitfinex, where he significantly enhanced his trading skills for Bitcoin. He became the Tether team’s first CTO in 2017 and played a crucial part in ensuring the stability of the stablecoin, which has a current market value of $83 billion.

In addition, Ardoino is a co-sponsor of the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto, which encourages financial inclusion in developing economies. Tether will be using technology to innovate and change the financial landscapes under the leadership of Ardoino.

JL (Jean-Louis van der Velde) will keep offering insightful advice, especially in managing regulatory interactions. Tether is now in a strategic position that places it as a leader in the cryptocurrency sector, ready for expansion and innovation.

In the words of Jean-Louis van der Velde, “I can speak for the entire company when I say that we eagerly anticipate Paolo’s leadership as he guides Tether toward a future where finance knows no bounds.”

Expectations are high that Paolo Ardoino’s imminent appointment as Tether’s new CEO will usher in a period of innovation and growth for the cryptocurrency industry, solidifying their position as the market leader in stable coins.

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