Twitter now uses @X as its official handle


As part of the continuing makeover, Twitter’s official handle has been changed to @X. As a result, the initial @Twitter handle is currently dormant, with the bio “This account is no longer active. Keep up with @x for updates. Other official accounts for the social media firm have either dropped the “Twitter” branding or replaced it with the letter X.

Twitter has not contacted Gene X Hwang of corporate photography and videography company Orange Photography, the original owner of the @X account. Hwang, though, tweeted “All well that ends well” earlier today under his new handle @x1234567998765. As of right now, it’s unclear if he sold the handle to Twitter.

Twitter’s own handles, such @TwitterSupport, @TwitterDev (which is no longer active), and @TwitterAPI, have been changed to @Support, @Xdevelopers, and @API, respectively, with the new X logo serving as the profile image. However, there are still a few regional identities that need to be changed, like Twitter Japan and Twitter India.

Twitter Blue, a corporate subscription service, is now accessible on the website as @XBlue. Twitter Blue branding is still there on the premium plan’s About page, though. Verified users may now permit other Blue users to download the videos they upload on the social network for offline watching, according to a Twitter Video page change.

The business added thicker lines to the new ‘X’ logo on Tuesday for a limited period of time. Elon Musk subsequently clarified that the alteration is being undone because he “didn’t like the thicker bars” and that the logo will “evolve over time.”

Since many areas of the website, particularly the mobile applications, still have the Twitter logo and name, the rebranding of Twitter hasn’t gone successfully. In recent days, a number of sources have revealed that Microsoft has had an X trademark since 2003 relating to Xbox and Meta has owned a federal trademark since 2019 pertaining to a blue-and-white letter “X.” According to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben, there is a “100% chance” that someone would sue the Musk-owned social network over the X rebranding.

The business had begun removing the Twitter logo from its San Francisco offices as well, but the task was only half finished when the crane that had been obstructing traffic departed because authorities had declared it to be “unauthorized work.”

According to a New York Times article from Monday, office personnel have begun removing bird-related artifacts and renamed conference rooms “eXposure,” “eXult,” and “s3Xy.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that X is providing new incentives to marketers in the United States and the United Kingdom. According to the article, the business is reportedly providing cheaper prices for video advertising under the “Explore” button.

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Twitter now uses @X as its official handle

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