Web3 Venture From 9GAG’s Team’s Memeland Project Raises $10M Within Few Minutes

Memeland’s token sale nets $10 million in 42 minutes, offering meme-themed NFTs and metaverse experiences, backed by 9GAG creators & YCombinator.

According to data, the token sale of Web3 company Memeland (MEME) on Thursday garnered commitments worth $10 million within 42 minutes of commencing. Previously, community members may participate in various activities to get access to the token sale by joining a waitlist.

These tokens have “No utility” as of Thursday. There is no map. There will be no guarantees. There are no financial expectations. “It’s only memes.”

Even though all available tokens have been sold, the sale will continue until Friday AM. People who had previously been on a waiting list will be able to access the tokens at that time.

The designers of Memeland are the same people who founded 9GAG, a popular network for exchanging memes and news. Memeland has gotten backing from famous investors such as YCombinator. It provides a variety of digital assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and has developed applications that integrate virtual worlds, gaming, and NFTs.

These virtual worlds, known as “metaverses,” exist on a blockchain and often employ a specific token to conduct transactions.

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