What’s Happening Today at First Day of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Trial

SBF’s first day of trial goes without much proceedings as the Judge selects potential jurors to go further with the high-profile case.
Sam Bankman-Fried

The judge chose jurors, and the trial for the high-profile cryptocurrency lawsuit against the defunct exchange FTX and its creator Sam-Bankman Friend (SBF) started on October 2.

According to The Wall Street Journal, District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan used the first day of the trial to choose possible jurors by posing the usual voir dire questions. Twelve jurors will be chosen from among all potential jurors, along with six backups, to continue the case.

Jurors were given a quick summary of the case by Judge Kalpan without being given much information. Sam-Bankman Fried is accused of defrauding investors, customers of his cryptocurrency exchange FTX Investors, and Alameda Research, the jury has just been informed.

Journalists from various media outlets and newspapers flooded the courtroom after being diverted to another chamber for lack of space. SBF’s defense had to take a seat behind the prosecution since the courtroom was too small for them to sit on the other side.

SBF, the central figure, was seated among a group of attorneys and had changed from his trademark appearance. SBF was instructed to stand up in the courtroom so the jury could recognize him because he appeared so different.

Since the FTX exchange failed and founder SBF was sued, it has been 11 months. During this time, a number of internal and external legal disputes involving SBF and FTX emerged.

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