Yield App Welcomes New Listings, Introduces New Opportunities for Passive Income!

Yield App expands, integrating XRP with attractive earn rates, enhancing the digital investment landscape. Read more on CT
Yield App Welcomes New Listings, Introduces New Opportunities for Passive Income!

Yied App, a digital wealth platform, has announced its listing, which includes various new assets such as $XRP, Polygon ($MATIC), Chainlink ($LINK), and Solana ($SOL).

This announcement demonstrates the platform’s dedication to providing more opportunities for customers to grow their wealth. Yield App’s main offering is its “Earn” program, which allows customers to earn interest on digital assets they deposit.

Users can earn up to 5% in interest on their investments. Furthermore, the adaptability of Yield App is underscored by its capacity to offer frictionless asset swaps of up to $10,000 across different digital assets.

Yield App offers two separate options for customers to boost their earnings: the Flexible Earnings Program and the Earn+ Program. These alternatives are designed to fit a variety of investing preferences and risk profiles, allowing consumers to select the approach that best meets their financial goals.

Yield App has added a tiered membership structure, ranging from Bronze to Diamond, to further reward its users.

Furthermore, the number of YLD tokens held by users determines their membership levels, with YLD being the Yield App platform’s native cryptocurrency.

The platform’s interest rates also vary based on the user’s membership status, with potential earnings ranging from 0.25% for Bronze members using the Flexible deposit program to 5% for Diamond users participating in the Earn+ deposit program.

Notably, the platform’s service is available in over 140 nations and has over 90,000 users. Yield App has also completed more than $2 billion in transactions in the last two years, establishing it as a reliable platform in the bitcoin industry.

The platform takes pride in creating alpha via market-neutral techniques and liquidity provision while eliminating yield production via collateralized lending. Some freshly listed digital assets have seen significant price gains in an exciting environment.

XRP, for example, has increased by more than 7% in the last week and is now trading at $0.53. Solana has increased by 27.7%, with the price holding around $30. Polkadot has also had positive growth, increasing by 6% during the same time period.

It is worth mentioning, however, that not all of these altcoins have surpassed Bitcoin in the last week, as the flagship cryptocurrency has increased in price by 10% and is now trading at $30,600.

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