Yuga Labs, Creator of Bored Ape, Invests in Spatial Computing Startup to Power Otherside Metaverse

Yuga Labs invests in Hadean to bolster Otherside metaverse, enhancing mass concurrency for a seamless gaming experience.

Yuga Labs, the organization behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT brand, recently announced a significant investment in Hadean, a business engaged in spatial computing that will play a key role in the development of Yuga’s upcoming Otherside metaverse.

To help the game support a potentially enormous number of concurrent players, Hadean is donating its technology expertise. Over 7,200 players were able to sign up simultaneously for Otherside’s “Second Trip” playtest in March, filling the virtual world with a large number of avatars.

“As we double down on Otherside and look to build out unique, live experiences in entertainment and gaming, we are excited about deepening our commitment through investing for the long term with Hadean,” Yuga Labs CEO Daniel Alegre stated.

Hadean received a specific financial commitment from Yuga Labs; however, the amount was withheld, and a spokeswoman for the company said it was a sizable investment in comparison to Hadean’s prior funding round.

Prior to raising $30 million in a Series A round in September 2022 with participation from Epic Games, the fortnite maker, Hadean had already received $5 million in funding in March.

With the most recent funding, Hadean intends to establish a team in the United States to work with Yuga Labs on the Otherside project. Their main goal is to improve “mass concurrency,” or the capacity to handle many participants at once in the same online environment.

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A business partnership between Yuga Labs and Hadean centered on the technology powering Otherside had been launched in September. Together with three startups, AccelByte, Bad Rhino, and Faraway, Yuga Labs also announced joint activities in the technical and creative realms. These startups are all primarily focused on improving Otherside.

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