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The Kangaroo Times is the latest newsfeed on crypto, money, tech and social media. We focused on first hand news to bring to you the authentic crypto, tech, financial, market, economy & business updates. Explore for more on Australia and the world. Our voice to update the world…

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The Kangaroo Times is a premier Australia-based financial educational website to help the young generation in enhancing their financial literacy.

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We cover a wide range of topics, including money banking and finance, stock market, cryptocurrency, NFTs, investing, personal finance, banking, business news from around the country and the world, trading and trading platform reviews, and how to make money online, as well as politics and the economy, latest Tech news, latest startups, Mutual Funds, Entertainment, and sports from around the world.

We are extremely committed to providing our users with accurate, timely, and real-time updates. Furthermore, we want our consumers to gain some knowledge from the website in order to be inspired to invest.

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Hello, my name is Ex. Prof. R. K. Tiwari, and I am the founder of The Kangaroo Times . My site was created to assist individuals by sharing my many years of expertise and experience. I am a young stock market and cryptocurrency enthusiast who is passionate about assisting others in producing riches.

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